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We specalize in offering many types of business and first class tickets. These include mileage award tickets, standard business & first class at a discount, as well as wholesale pricing on tickets. Average savings will be 20-75% off list price.
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At Business and First Class Tickets we know your busy enough as it is, and that’s where we step in to offer comprehensive travel arrangements even after tickets have been secured. We know that our clients deserve the best, but that doesn't mean that they need to pay sky high fees to travel in first or business class.

We know all the tips and tricks and are able to book business and first class tickets at huge discounts. We pass on those savings directly to you - the customer. No more tedious phone calls to airlines with bothersome and endless hold messages – Business and First Class Tickets does all the legwork for you.

Any questions regarding your ticket, just give us a call – we’re here for you.

Once you’re airborne, the only thing on your mind will be having an enjoyable flight. Not to brag or anything, but it’s true. You’ll likely be wondering how we do it, and wondering if you should share your ‘little secret of big savings’ with fellow flyers. Your friends will appreciate the tip and the team here at Business and First Class Tickets loves referrals!

Experience the grandeur of first class and business class air travel without having to break the bank!



24 Hours Toll Free to get no obligation free quote